Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Vice City Game

I visited the Web site www.time.com/time/magazine/article.html In that page you can find information about a new game called "Vice City". That game is the best demostration so far that video game have come of age. As an interactive medium, one built around freedom of choice, video games are actually well suited to teach us about right and wrong.

I disagree with that kind of games because the introduce the violen life to the children or teenager. then, when these younger people don't have healhty personality or they have a lor of familiar problems they can believe that the best alternatives to stay alive in the life is repeating the same action as those games.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I visited the Web site http://www.amishcenter.com/discover.shtml#3 In that page you can find information about the Amish life (history, meals, houses,clothing and different options to plan a trip to their farm). The Amish are a group of people who were born in Switzerland and believe in the Christian Scripture, but they decided to have strict rules to live. For example, it is important to live with submission, obedience, humilty, conformity, and simplicity. The strive to be reserved, modest, calm, and quiet in their farm space.

I agree with their desicion about their lives, because that style of the life is following their religion. I think that each person free to decide and can be critical to know if a situation is or is not healthy for him/herself. However, I think that all religions believe in the same God and the same scripture, but the difference is how they interpret that information, and the way to follow that.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I visited the Web site http://trivia library.com/b/alternative-forms-of-marriage-polyandry.html In that page the people can find information about the alternative form of marriage known as polyandry which is the marriage of one woman to more than one man. Usually, that kind of marriage was practiced in a few primitive cultures, for example, India and Tibet. This particular situation shows how the father offers her prepubescent or adolescent daugther to a man or family of brothers to get married. She can never see or know these husbands before the ceremony. Actually, the polyandry is likely to replace monogamy.

I disagree with that form of marriage because it is a violation of the woman's right. She has to be respected and valued for the human being she is, (physicaly, mentaly, and emotionally). The woman can freely decide if she wants to get married or not, and to choose with whom. On the other hand, I agree with the opinion that if the woman wants, she can have two relationships or boyfriends, because probably each one has different abilities, cultures, feelings and love. The woman has the advantage of a high sexual level to maintain a good relationship with both. "The claims of sex researchers say that many woman are capable of heaving several orgasms in a short time..." (P.1). However, my opinion is based on having both couples, in an equal period of the time but not in the same moments; in other words, she can mantein those relationships without sex at the same moments (a menage a trois).

Thursday, April 5, 2007


I visited the Web site http://unmarried.org/statistics.html .The director of this page is Lisa Nicolle Grist with another goup of people. This page shows how the couples can live together without getting married or before that. The most important condition for the relationship is that they want to live in the same place and share their lives with the other person. However, it is important that society know or accept this situation about the couples, because in these times it is usually an alternative to marriage. On this site you can find information about unmarried people, statistics, publications, politics, legal situations and how to contact them.

I agree with cohabitation, because it is the best way to know your partner. Living together both can discover his/her positive and negative sides, know what things they like or dislike, and share his/her true feelings. Another reason to choose this way is for his/her financial situation. If the couple decides to get married, they will spend a lot of money celebrating the ceremony. As a result, living together is cheaper for both. Then, being unmarried permits the couple to decide if they are willing to have kids and if they can, whether the parents feel comfortable, are happy and safe or not. Finally, I think that love is love, married or living together before that, the most important detail is the couple wants to share his/her whole lives for a long time.